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I have been practicing yoga for about twenty years and teaching for the last eight. When I first started yoga it was just a class I would go to. It made me feel good, which is why I kept with it – but at the time I didn’t feel the need to take it any further.

Pregnancy brought me much more in touch with my body and so it was when I became pregnant with my first child Louis, that my yoga deepened. I began doing yoga every day which I believe helped me through labour and birth.

Then a wonderful teacher training course in the tradition of Vanda Scaravelli came along. I chose this course quite by chance – not because of Scaravelli – but because I now had a baby whose needs I wanted to meet and it fitted in with this. As luck would have it the course was just perfect for me. I still miss it now….  The two course leaders Marilyn Freedman and Rosamunde Jordan taught us with a great openness which gave everyone the skills to teach in their own unique way. What I found lovely and has stayed with me in my teaching is the time allowed within the postures and an easiness and playfulness within them.

Yoga can be so accessible and with care (and most cases!) very safe to practice. It stimulates the immune system, balances hormones and above all creates a sense of wellbeing. Even if you do just five minutes twice a day (of course more would be great!) after a while it would make you feel really good.

The journey of yoga lasts a lifetime and with each breath there opens up infinite possibilities of which path to follow and yet when it comes down to it, yoga can be so simple…

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  1. I like your perspective on how simple yoga can be. I have been discovering that myself recently and am surprised at the the great depth that I am finding by stepping back to a more basic practice.

    • I do sometimes like doing more ‘complicated’ yoga. But as a teacher one of my aims is that yoga can be beneficial to all and practiced by everyone who wants to.
      Thank you vsulzer! (You are my first comment on this site ever!!!)

      • I enjoyed visiting your site. As a busy women working two jobs Its difficult for me to do more advanced positions in yoga since time keeps me from practicing enough to get to that point. I often try just one or two simple postures each day when I’m on the go. Then longer sessions when I have more time. Keeping it simple at least keeps me practicing with no excuses !

      • Thank you Sacredinspirations! Well done for fitting any yoga in at all. If you are managing to do a couple of postures every day – eventually you will get to the more advanced positions. But if you don’t have that as an aim – you can get all the benefits of yoga without having to tie yourself into knots anyway : )

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had a look at a few of your posts and recognised a lot of the stretches I do for running (angry cat, sphinx and dog pose).

    • You are very welcome John!
      Yeh those postures are all really good for your spine. Dog pose especially stretching for ham strings : )

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