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supine twist – supta matsyendrasana

The relaxation teamed with the feel of the spine rotating and something really happening in the body without you even trying  to do anything, makes this one of my favourite postures…

Benefits:  Massages the internal organs and the digestive system; so quite detoxifying! Encourages the shoulders to be more open. Lengthens the spine.

Contraindications: Be careful if you have any back conditions and only do what feels comfortable. Might not be good to do during pregnancy for some women – best to check with your Doctor or midwife on this one…

Practice: Lie on your back and hug your knees towards your chest (Little Boat)… Take a moment to breathe and allow the shoulders to settle…

Hold your legs behind the knees with your right forearm. Slowly bring your knees towards the floor on your right side. (If this feels too strong then place a cushion on the ground for your knees to rest on). Gently look to the left. If you feel comfortable – remove the supporting arm.

Give in to gravity and breathe…

To come back to the centre breathe out gathering your strength in  your abdomen.

Take a moment and breathe….. before doing the other side.




Comments on: "pose of the week… supine twist – supta matsyendrasana" (4)

  1. Your posts have got me back onto my yoga mat after lots of procrastination, thanks.

  2. Hi Claudia, Some well defined movement’s on here with simple explanations – Thankyou fo sharing.

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